PSN Plus Membership


PlayStation is already one of the all-time console classics. Of course, it has improved over time beyond graphics and performance. Nowadays, PlayStation offers online multiplayer services which gamers can access through a PlayStation Network Plus Membership.

Thanks to this subscription, gamers can connect to the online world by enjoying incredible gaming experiences and entertainment. Gamers can get access to:

  • PlayStation Store. PS Store allows players to purchase the best PlayStation games at the best prices directly from their servers, get exclusive game content, and more deals.
  • PlayStation Plus. This service allows players to download free PS plus games every month. PS Plus monthly expands the game collection and will enable players to enjoy exclusive discounts, play multiplayer party games, participate in online tournaments, cloud storage, and other exclusive rewards. 
  • PlayStation Now. With PS Now, gamers can get the best value from the platform, stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on PS5, PS4, and PC. Besides, it lets players download their favorite games of the systems mentioned above in addition to PS Vita. 

What Is a PlayStation Plus Membership?

PlayStation Plus Membership allows gamers to play online multiplayer games, get monthly free-to-play games and exclusive discounts, the best deals, and other benefits. Some of the games are exclusive beta trials and blockbuster hits at the lowest prices.

Besides, PS Plus lets players become part of the global community of PlayStation plus members. They get early access to great games and can play together in the Sony Interactive Entertainment service.

The subscription gives gamers two or three free monthly games, including incredible PlayStation games and classics of the platform when bought at full price.

Online gamers can choose out of three subscription options:

  • 12-month subscription. 
  • 3-month subscription.
  • 1-month subscription.

To purchase this membership, gamers must sign into their accounts, and search ‘Subscribe to PS Plus’, and choose a 1, 3, or 12 payment plan. 

Benefits of PlayStation Plus Membership

Active PS Plus membership is cataloged as one of the best online services of all, including other consoles, such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Among the benefits gamers can find are the following:

  • PlayStation Plus Monthly games.
  • Online Multiplayer.
  • Exclusive Member Discount.
  • Players save far more than the membership costs each month.
  • PS Plus Subscription monthly games expand your game collection.

Is There a Difference Between PlayStation Plus Membership and Subscription?

Sony PlayStation Plus Subscription is a service of PlayStation that mainly gives exclusive member discounts and free games every month. The subscription lasts several months, from 3 to 12. The subscription is automatically renewed when the period ends.

Having said that, there is no real difference between PS Plus Subscription and membership. 

How to Redeem PS Plus Membership Codes?

  • Log in to your PSN account, on the web or PlayStation. 
  • Head to the Store tab in the main menu.


PlayStation Store in the main menu


  • Scroll down and select ‘Redeem codes.’


Redeem codes for playing games of Sony Entertainment and third-party sellers



  • Enter the code and confirm to have exclusive access to the game.



Enter the redeem code to access exclusive games



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