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Tools such as Microsoft 365 are essential platforms for any business. They are the industry leaders, and their clients include the biggest international media group and leading digital publisher representatives as well as small businesses.

Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 are affordable for big businesses, but the prices can become inhibitory for smaller enterprises with, say, up to six people working. However, spending a fortune on tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other tools is unnecessary.  

You can find a cheap deal over the Web, using different markets apart from the official office page, and get this productivity suite for your devices. What’s more, Microsoft offers regular deals for students, available by writing a valid school email address.

What Is an OEM Key?

An OEM Key is a specific type of code that comes programmed in your PC, allowing you to reinstall the program as many times as you need. A Microsoft office suite key, for instance, will enable you to use Microsoft Office apps. Besides, you’ll be able to reinstall the office suite on your device anytime if needed.

To use Microsoft tools, you must have an eligible Microsoft account. You will be asked to connect one before buying Microsoft products. 

As a rule, an OEM key gets locked in your motherboard. Therefore, it’s untransferable from a PC to another. Then, you’ll be able to install apps like Microsoft Word on your PC.

Are Cheap Office Keys Legit?

Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 have numerous features that can help different users, like teachers, students, and other office workers. However, to get useful tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others, it’s necessary to buy Microsoft Office 365, which is not affordable to everyone.

This scenario makes people focus on searching for better office deals online, that is cheaper versions or for an older version of the tool they want to access. This search generally ends in markets that sell individual retail keys for a PC. These keys are legit, safe, and will work just fine for your company.

What's the Cheapest Way to Get Microsoft Office Software?

At RoyalCDKeys, you can get Microsoft 365 and other software keys, like Microsoft Office Home & Student. We offer the best deals and the best price for any purchase of tools for your business. That way, you can increment your PC without spending a fortune.

Good news: No matter if you need a better deal regarding basic versions with fewer features or bigger packages with great functionalities for your devices - at RoyalCDKeys, you can get the best deals with the best prices to supply your laptop or computer. 

Get your Microsoft Key with RoyalCDKeys and help your business pay less and save money!


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Shop Carefully

We’ve all shopped online long enough to know that extra care is required when buying used or older programs. At RoyalCDKeys, you can get access to the benefits of the best Microsoft’s products at a great price with the most secure service. You just need to create an account and will receive a verification email shortly. After that, you can start shopping! 

RoyalCDKeys offers Office 365 and more deals from other future brands. We provide our customers with product reviews and detailed information about all tools to help you understand absolutely everything about the product of your choice. 

Besides that, our customers browse through a variety of payment methods. We guarantee instant delivery of your product and customer support in case you have any questions regarding our work. 

Activation Instructions

Now we are going to show you how to get Microsoft office key codes and redeem them properly. Note that the job can be tricky, as the information is not clearly displayed on the Microsoft site. But RoyalCDKeys is here to help! Follow these steps

  • First, you need to go to this link: Next, log in with your Microsoft account and put the key code you got with RoyalCDKeys


How to Redeem an Office product Key step 1


  • Make sure to stay logged with the same account you used to redeem the key and you will see a webpage with the installation link to download the application.


How to Redeem an Office product Key step 2