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Getting an operating system involves some relevant factors, such as what types of software you use or which one you feel more comfortable with. At RoyalCDKeys, you can find cheap keys related to operating systems and get a genuine Windows 10 key, ISO file, or whatever you need for your PC.

Thanks to operating system keys, you can avoid the problems related to free Windows, such as issues with the registry. Besides, you can get any popular operating system you want quickly and cheaply. 

Is a CD Key the Same as a Product Key?

Product Keys are also known as CD Keys, Activation Codes, License Keys, Registration Keys, Product Ids, and Serial Keys. In other words, users can buy Windows 10 keys under any of these names in online stores or sites. 

Is it Legal to Buy a Windows 10 OEM Key?

Buying Windows 10 OEM licenses is legal. The best place in the world for purchasing OEM keys, an OEM version of Windows, or digital products related to this software, is a hardware supplier. These keys are properly licensed. On the Internet, there are a lot of third-party websites that offer OEM copies at the best price.

Are Cheap Windows Keys Legit?

Cheap Windows license keys offered by third-party sellers are fully allowed. They’re part of the gray market. There is no difference between these keys and those that the official Microsoft website offers. Ok, the only difference is the price. But in terms of the digital license, these keys give you the same functions that legitimate windows and are highly recommended. 

Why Buy Operating System Keys on RoyalCDKeys?

  • RoyalCDKeys offers the best windows licenses users can find on the web at a cheaper price than the competition. Any program key they purchase here is a valid download key for an excellent version of Windows 10 professional and other operating systems. 
  • On this platform, users can get the license key they’re looking for retail windows, old windows, and other Microsoft products. 
  • Additionally, every day we bring a new key for cheap Windows 10, and other programs users can install on their new PC. For example, buyers can find professional and Home Edition of Windows. 
  • RoyalCDKeys has the highest standards in terms of access and security, which prevents users from falling into a future credit card fraud or identity theft when they buy a free version of the software. 
  • In RoyalCDKeys, customers get great deals on many different services and products. 

How do I Activate Windows with a Digital Key?

Whether it’s a retail version with a retail license or an OEM, the activation process is the same.

  • Make sure that the Windows key works in the version of Windows you have on your computer. 
  • You use the license key after installing the software in an unactivated version, not during the installation. 
  • Enter the code by selecting the button ‘Start.’
  • Select Settings  > Update & Security  > Activation  > Update product key > Change product key.
  • Check the activation status by selecting ‘Start,’ then go to Settings  > Update & Security and choose ‘Activation.’
  • Make sure you’re using this cheap key just for a single PC and one Microsoft account and not on more devices. 


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