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People discover all the advantages granted when they buy gift cards every day. As the name already suggests, these cards can be used as a gift to someone or yourself. A gift card can have different values and numbers of credits. It all depends on your choice, that is on how much you’re willing to spend shopping on cards like these. What is certain is: they will help your savings, no matter the brands, the sale, or the purchase consumers decide to do. 

A gift card is a great gift choice for gamers, as it is generally challenging to find a suitable present for them. A gift card gives your giftee flexibility to choose what they want to buy. And if you are looking for a gift card like these, the best place to find it is RoyalCDKeys. Our stock contains the best and cheap gift card deals.

What Is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a digital code that’s delivered using technology such as email, SMS text, social media, and smartphone apps. Then, you can redeem the code in a store of a specific brand. They are the best way to quickly add funds to your accounts, mainly if you are low on cash. They are generally cheaper than the number of credits they contain, thus helping customers save money. On the RoyalCDKeys page, you can buy various gift cards. Some gift card examples customers can find in our stock are:

  • Steam Gift Card
  • PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • Xbox Live Gift Card

An E-Gift card, such as the ones RoyalCDKeys has in stock, is a virtual gift card that works similarly to the traditional cards in almost any store. The difference is that when you purchase them through the internet, you receive the code via email. It also applies to shopping and getting the best opportunities from the best brands at RoyalCDKeys with all the support you may need.

How does a Gift Card Work?

A gift card can be used as a payment method for almost every brand. You just need to add the gift card’s code while you shop for a product through the Internet. In both cases, your savings in that store will increase or be unchanged as you shop for a new product using the cash available on the card.

What Is the Benefit of a Gift Card?

Gift card deals are helpful for both merchants and consumers as they help people to spare cash and increase sales by giving a different and convenient payment method. They can be a good substitute form of payment if you'd rather not pay cash or use your Visa or Mastercard.

At RoyalCDKeys, for instance, you can buy gift cards from the PSN Store that cost €50 for €41,90. And this price doesn’t even include any discount or sale! Thus, cards bought in RoyalCDKey can help consumers save money. Besides saving your cash, a gift card can guarantee you flexibility about what to buy as most merchants support them as payment methods.

How to Activate Gift Cards?

Different platforms have different ways of activating a gift card. Here, we’re going to see how to get a Steam Store gift card redeemed. RoyalCdKeys is the best store for consumers to get a gift card online.

  •  After you log in on Steam, click on your name on the right top corner, then go to account details.

Redeem a Steam app Gift Card online Step One


  • Then you click on “Add Funds to your wallet”


Redeem Steam app Gift Card online Step Two


  • Next, go to “Redeem a steam gift card or Wallet code.”


Redeem Steam app Gift Card online Step three


  • To finish, just type the code in the indicated space. After that, the gift card value will have been redeemed and will be available for you to make purchases in the app store.



Redeem Steam Gift Card Step four